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  • Nose – rhinoplasty
    a. The nose is the central structure of the face. Many patients want to change the size or shape of this structure either because of genetics or from injury later in life. Nose jobs, or rhinoplasties, can be one of the most powerful surgeries in plastic surgery. b. What can a Rhinoplasty accomplish? i. The nose has many distinct features that vary with each patient. Accordingly, every patient will have a unique set of goals for achieving an overall better shape. This may include reducing a hump, narrowing the width, reshaping the tip or changing the angle of projection. Breathing problems may also be addressed at the time of surgery improving both the appearance and function of the nose. c. A rhinoplasty consultation begins with identifying the top three areas of concern. From there, “goal” photos and 2D or 3D simulation may be used to optimize doctor-patient collaboration.
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