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While breast augmentation is often discussed in cosmetic surgery, breast reduction plays an equally crucial role for many women. At the esteemed practice of Dr. Casian Monaco in New York City, we understand the complex reasons behind seeking breast reduction and offer tailored solutions.

Understanding the Need for Breast Reduction

For numerous women, especially those with smaller frames or active lifestyles, larger breasts can be more of a challenge than an asset. The excessive weight on the chest may lead to a range of medical issues, from chronic back pain due to the imbalance and strain on the back, to shoulder pain from the pressure of bra straps. Beyond these physical discomforts, there are aesthetic and practical considerations too. Difficulty in finding fitting clothes, discomfort in physical activities, and a desire for a more proportional appearance are common concerns.

Breast Reduction in the Upper East Side: Combining Comfort and Aesthetics

Dr. Casian Monaco, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, including breast reduction. His proficiency in breast reshaping aligns with the unique needs of each patient, ensuring results that are not just comfortable but aesthetically pleasing. Utilizing advanced techniques, Dr. Monaco strives to achieve symmetrical, smaller breasts that align with your body’s natural proportions and your personal aesthetic goals.

The Procedure: Tailored Approach for Optimal Results

Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess skin and breast tissue, reshaping the remaining tissue to create a balanced and natural appearance. The complexity and length of the procedure depend on various factors, including the initial size of the breasts and the amount of tissue to be removed. Our team ensures every step of the procedure, from initial consultation to post-operative care, is handled with utmost care and precision, focusing on your comfort and well-being.

Recovery and Aftercare: Supporting Your Path to Comfort

Post-surgery, patients can expect a recovery period of approximately 2-3 weeks before resuming normal activities. Dr. Monaco and his team provide comprehensive aftercare instructions and support, ensuring a smooth and comfortable recovery process. Follow-up consultations are scheduled to monitor your progress and address any concerns promptly.

Take the Step Towards a Balanced Life

Living with disproportionately large breasts can be both physically and emotionally taxing. With Dr. Casian Monaco’s expertise in breast reduction surgery, you can achieve a more balanced, comfortable, and confident lifestyle. Our team in New York City’s Upper East Side is committed to providing personalized care, addressing each patient’s unique needs and concerns.

Contact us to learn more or book your consultation about breast reduction surgery with Dr. Casian Monaco. Embrace a change that brings comfort, confidence, and a new perspective on life.

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Out Patients Testimonials

I wish I could explain the fear I had before the surgery, the fact is him and his team made me feel as safe as possible the whole entire time. The patient care was amazing, the professionalism he showed was amazing if I was ever to do it again I would only do it with him. I am in love with my results (Breast reduction) I highly recommend!
Ruth P.
Best Doctor and hospital I have ever delt with in NYC. The staff was wonderful, fast, friendly and very knowledgeable. The hospital was a great experience and would recommend it to anyone. My surgeon was polite, friendly and very talented. Before surgery I was in pain all the time now after surgery I'm pain free. Thank you all.
Maria W.
I have nothing but great things to say about Dr.Monaco he is very attentive to your needs, explains everything and answer all your questions and concerns he is also very profesional. I had a Breast reduction and his work is beyond what I expected IMPECCABLE. The staff and hospital were amazing as well overall, It was a great experience.
Neliza P.


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